Janitorial Supplies NYC

Janitorial Supplies NYCCandor Janitorial & Maintenance Supply, Inc. offers food service, paper products and janitorial supplies throughout NYC. Established in 2011 we are a leading janitorial supplies, food service, and paper products provider. We service all of Long Island and the NYC areas and provide exceptional customer service and quality janitorial supplies and products.

Our company offers free delivery on all qualified orders of janitorial supplies and other products and we can ship directly to your business in NYC. We offer many different products for many industries including janitorial supplies, food service items, industrial and healthcare supplies for all of NYC. We always have a large NYC inventory of premium products and we always add new items to our inventory based on our customers’ needs and demands.

Our company is proud of our excellent customer service and our customer service staff and NYC sales team are extremely knowledgeable and can always assist you with your ordering process. We offer quality products and janitorial supplies to keep your NYC home, office, restaurant or business clean and running efficiently. Our prices are always affordable and we have thousands of high quality and well-known brands to choose from including Kimberly Clark, Georgia-Pacific, Rubbermaid, Bay West and more. We can simplify the way you shop for food service items, supplies and janitorial supplies in NYC.

If you are searching for janitorial supplies for your NYC business, Candor Janitorial & Maintenance Supply, Inc. can assist you with all of your needs. From cleaning supplies, to waste receptacles supplies, as well as parts for floor cleaners, soap, industrial cleaners, trash bags, mops, brooms, gloves, mats, towels, and more, we have all the janitorial supplies your NYC business needs.

In addition to janitorial supplies, Candor Janitorial & Maintenance Supply, Inc. serves NYC and also stocks a large supplies of products for other industries including food services, restaurants, offices or even home supplies. For NYC restaurants or food services, we have an inventory of baking supplies, aprons, aluminum foil, hot and cold food pans, cutlery, dishes, fry baskets, ice chests, ice buckets, beverage dispensers, cups, lids and more. Candor Janitorial & Maintenance Supply, of NYC. can supply all of your commercial needs.

Some NYC customers also order large supplies of paper products in addition to their janitorial supplies. Our products include paper towels, napkins, tissue, toilet paper, placemats, feminine care products, plates, grocery bags, and many other products.

Our company has extensive knowledge about janitorial supplies, and our NYC customer service staff offers technical and product support. Candor Janitorial & Maintenance Supply, Inc. can also ship janitorial supplies and all our products within NYC and anywhere in the United States with a minimum order placement. We also offer free delivery on qualified orders.

Call Candor Janitorial & Maintenance Supply, Inc. for all of your food service, paper products and janitorial supplies throughout NYC. We can be reached at 631-608-8540. Call us today. We welcome your calls and encourage you to contact us with any questions, so we can assist with all of your janitorial supplies, food service, and paper good needs in NYC.