Long Island Paper Bags

Long Island Paper BagsCandor Janitorial & Maintenance Supply, Inc. provides janitorial, food service and paper supplies to numerous commercial businesses throughout Long Island.   We were established in 2011, and we have been providing quality products to many Long Island commercial businesses ever since.   We service all of Long Island and strive to offer the highest level of customer service and quality products to all of our customers.

If you are in need of paper bags of any type or size, for your Long Island business, we have a large inventory of paper bags to suit all of your needs.  We offer small paper bags that can be used to hold sandwiches or other food items.  These small paper bags are popular with restaurants and the food service industry.  We also sell many small paper bags to Long Island take-out restaurants because they use these small paper bags to package customer food orders.  Long Island families often use our smaller paper bags to pack their children’s lunches!

Many commercial stores use our larger paper bags as shopping bags for their customers. Long Island department stores often prefer the paper bags with handles and Long Island grocery stores often order our general use paper bags.  These paper bags are completely degradable and recyclable and they do not harm the environment like the plastic bags that many businesses still use.   These paper bags are very strong and durable and can be used as wrap for any items that you may want to package and mail on Long Island!  Our paper bags are available in brown or white. We are confident that you will find the paper bags that you need for your business or commercial use.

Paper bags need to be strong enough to hold any item without tearing.  Candor Janitorial & Maintenance Supply has a large inventory of the strongest paper bags around. Many Long Island businesses order the most durable paper bags from us every time because they know we only sell the highest quality paper bags as well as top quality janitorial and cleaning supplies.

Candor Janitorial & Maintenance Supply has all the supplies your Long Island business needs. Our janitorial supplies and products can keep your Long Island home, office, restaurant or business clean and running efficiently.  In many Long Island commercial industries, there is a great need for paper bags of all kinds. Some Long island businesses order paper bags in bulk so they are always prepared. If your order qualifies, we can offer free delivery on Long Island janitorial supplies, paper bags and any other products.   We can ship directly to your Long Island business or commercial building.  Call us directly for details about these amazing offers and services. Long Island business owners have returned to us again and again because of the quality products, paper bags, and excellent service that we provide.

Call Candor Janitorial & Maintenance Supply at 631-608-8540.  We would love to assist you and answer any questions you may have.  We can take all your orders for paper bags, janitorial supplies, food service items, paper goods and more. Your Long Island business deserves the best.